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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Reservation Process & FAQS

OUR PROCESS Please keep in mind that our goal is to find the perfect match for you. This means puppies undergo temperament and personality testing before being placed in their furever home.

Step 1 Start by applying for a puppy through our application page.

Step 2 Once approved, review and sign pet contract and pay a reservation fee to be added to our reserved list.

Step 3 Puppy selections will be in the order the deposits were received.

HOW DO I RESERVE A PUPPY? Please complete an application and indicate the breed, sex and color of the puppy you are looking for; iplease state "no preference" if you're not set. We screen all applications and communicate with families regarding their status. A $500 reservation fee (credited toward purchase price) is collected to confirm your selection order. Once a litter is confirmed we notify all families of our expected delivery date. Within a week following the birth of a new litter we will send out a "pupdate" with the birth announcement. Families who would like to proceed with placement must respond with their intent to proceed or delay for a future litter. Reservation fees are non-refundable but may be transferred for up to 3 litters of the breed/cross breed selected. We send weekly pupdates which include updated photos of each puppy. We schedule meet and greet and go home at 8 weeks old following their puppy evaluations and litter exam. Families visit in the order of their place on the reserved list to meet the puppies and select their new family member. Any remaining balance is due at or before pick up.

WHAT DO I NEED FOR MY NEW PUPPY? LOVE, TIME & ATTENTION! Now that the easy ones are out of the way, you'll need some essentials to make your new addition feel welcome.

  1. Puppies need a designated space in your home. This is typically accomplished with a play yard of some sort. A designated space is important for your puppy's safety and training. I recommend wire or plastic panels as they are versatile for indoor and outdoor use and can be expanded to easily grow with your pet.

  2. A plan for potty training. A crate is the easiest and most successful method for house training. I have linked articles in the "Health" section with tips.

  3. TOYS, TOYS & MORE TOYS! You need to keep your teething pup busy. You don't have to splurge on ridiculously expensive toys, I'm actually quite fond of the ones at the Dollar Tree. Get creative, tie a string on them, hang them from something... keep that pup busy!

  4. Food & Water Bowls

  5. Adjustable harness


  • First vaccinations and deworming series as documented on a provided health record. Deworming & First vaccinations are administered is administered in my home.

  • A 1-2 day supply of puppy food. We feed Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Lamb.

  • Health exam via certified veterinarian.

  • 30 days complimentary pet insurance

  • A blanket with the scent of his/her mother and littermates.

  • Feeding instructions, training tips & lifetime support!

WHEN CAN I TAKE MY PUPPY TO PUBLIC PLACES? Never! I'm mostly kidding but think of your new puppy as a newborn human. We wouldn't place a new baby in a shopping cart or allow him her on the floor at PetsMart so it's best to avoid this with your new pup. Puppies are very vulnerable to viruses they are not yet protected from, injury from other animals or young children and ingestion of foreign or toxic materials. I know everyone's favorite thing to do is show off how adorable their new pup is but you are solely responsible for protecting your new baby and as such I urge you to take precautions. It is much safer for you and your puppy if you wait until a minimum of 4 months old to take him/her to public spaces. ALWAYS AVOID DOG PARKS! They are notoriously filthy and a huge source of dog injuries. Some parks are beautiful and picturesque while others are a fenced dirt lot where other dog owners unleash their hound and allow it to roam wild and free while they scroll through Facebook. It's a recipe for disaster. Also, always avoid the grass areas at rest stops. These areas see dogs traveling all over the US (or beyond) and therefore can be a breeding ground for undesirable matter. Remain diligent about protecting your pup!

YOU DON'T LIVE NEAR ME. WILL YOU MEET ME HALF WAY OR SHIP? While we understand it may be difficult to locate a quality bred puppy in your area, we do not meet nor do we ship. We have had families travel from outside of California to pick up their pups. We wholeheartedly believe it is important and necessary for potential families to meet our dogs, our family and the littermates. It is equally important for you to see how my pack is raised and how your potential new puppy was reared. For those who are unable to travel in person we will meet you or your transporter at a local airport.

WILL YOU HOLD MY PUP PAST 8 WEEKS? The general answer is "no" but we have some flexibility. We offer daily boarding for pups who need to stay a little longer at the rate of $35 per day. The first 16 weeks of a puppy's life are the most important for development, socialization, bonding and imprinting. The first 4 weeks are spent with their littermates and mother nearly 100% of the time. After 4 weeks, the dam will begin to wean her pups and they will begin eating a special mush mix for their primary nutrition. The dam will begin spending less time with her pups but will sleep with them and regulate play consistently until they reach 6 weeks old. At 7 weeks I begin introducing pups to crate training and transitioning to dry kibble. By 8 weeks old they are completely independent and ready to bond with their new family. Delaying this bond has no proven benefits and the opposite could be true. There is some flexibility with the date of pick up but it must be approved in advance.


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