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Raised the BAB way


The Badass Breeder curriculum was founded by Jeanette Forrey.  Puppies are raised to believe in themselves and be the best they can be through guiding emotional responses, meeting their innate needs in order, building confidence through intentional and purposeful curriculum and handling that aligns to their sensitive developmental benchmarks and lastly evaluating each puppy prior to placement to ensure their voice is heard and they are honored and respected not only with their breeder but with their new human as well. 



Empowered breeding is a term used to describe a method of breeding dogs that emphasizes the importance of the physical and mental health of the dog. This approach to breeding focuses on ensuring that the dogs considered for breeding are in good health and have the necessary genetic traits and characteristics to produce offspring that are also healthy and well-adjusted.

In empowered breeding, breeders carefully select the dogs they consider for breeding based on various factors such as their genetic history, physical health, and temperament. They may also use genetic testing and other tools to help ensure that the dogs they breed are free from genetic conditions and diseases that can be passed down to their offspring.

The goal of empowered breeding is to produce dogs that are healthy, well-adjusted, and able to thrive in a variety of environments. It is a proactive approach to breeding that aims to reduce the occurrence of inherited health problems and improve the overall health and well-being of the breed.

The Badass Guide to Breeding is our preferred curriculum at CVCC. We strive to produce the highest quality family pets, and therapy dogs. 

The Badass Breeder puppy-raising curriculum involves the intentional handling and exposure to new stimuli, including new scents, sights, sounds, textures, people, and places during their critical socialization periods. This curriculum helps to empower puppies to be confident family pets and/or working dogs. It helps to teach each puppy resilience and that the world is safe, people are kind and dogs are friendly. 

Puppies are temperament tested at 7 weeks of age. The temperament testing assesses each puppy's confidence, human focus, touch tolerance, prey drive and assertiveness. Knowing these traits allows us to honor each puppy's unique needs and match each puppy's temperament to their family's lifestyle and preferences so that these matches last a lifetime! This system empowers families and individuals to select their puppies with a holistic approach that goes beyond beauty and aesthetics. 


The Badass Breeder Oath


1. Plan litters – have a goal/focus/mission and clients.
2. Breed from only healthy, good-tempered parents that have been health tested.

3. Honor and respect your dam – before and after whelping – keep her happy and healthy. The same for your sires (vet care, high-quality food, living quarters, etc.).
4. Ensure all puppies learn the world is safe, people are kind, and dogs are friendly. 
5. Guide, shape, and mold puppies based upon critical periods, constantly evaluating and adjusting. Work on confidence, nerve strength and startle recovery.
6. Evaluate puppies, and provide information to buyers. Have the puppies seen by a vet and then and only then let clients choose their puppy that is healthy and best suits their needs, as well as the puppy’s needs. 
7. Take 100% responsibility for every puppy you produce for the entirety of their life.
8. Health warranty for genetic issues.
9. Educate your new clients. Keep in touch with them and create a community. 
10. Love your dogs, love your puppies, love your clients and be on a mission to change the stigma. Be badass or stop breeding. 

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