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We try to keep our content light & fun but we'll sneak in some educational posts occassionally.

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"I know that I am predisposed and partial to Cami, but I truly believe she's just the most gorgeous golden retriever on the planet! So smart and calm, affectionate above any expectation I could ever dream of!"

Shawn, human mother to Cami~ AKC Golden Retriever Norman x Belle


"Wanted to give you a 7th month update on Buddy Blue. He is amazing... we are madly in love with him he's turned out to be just the best dog which we didn't anticipate anything less!! He weighs almost 60 pounds and he's in perfect health. I think he very much enjoys being part of our family and thank you for sharing him with us!! There have been people as I'm walking him come out of their houses and want to know where I got him from so I've sent a couple of possible new families your way."

Amber, human mother to Doc~ CKC Golden Retriever Norman x Taylor


"He's so smart! He's been nothing but perfect! Never went through a destructive phase! We can't wait to get him a sibling!"

Melody, Banjo's mom~ CKC Golden Retriever Norman x Gracie


"Bailey is doing great" "He is super social and loves it when we have visitors over to the house or when we take him places. He thinks that everyone that he sees is there to see him and play with him."

Anna, Bailey's mom~ F1 GoldenDoodle Teddy x Gracie


"He is such a gorgeous Charlie!!! We just love him so much!! Thank you for our fur baby"

Elena, Charlie's mom~ AKC Golden Retriever, Norman x Belle

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