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Our Puppy Rearing Philosophy

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

How is your future puppy raised?


My passion for raising happy, healthy and well-rounded pups is shared with my husband and three sons. We approach puppy rearing with the same responsibility and care as human life. Our pack is part of our family! Each of our canines have individual personalities that are recognized and nurtured. They are all superior canines (I know, I know... everyone thinks their dogs are the best) and the proof is in their offspring. My dams (we don't use the "b" word around here) are not left to whelp alone. I am often glued to their side for 2-3 days as a dam prepares to whelp and I assist in the delivery process. We ensure our pups have the absolute best start to life! We are ever-evolving and refining our practices to include the most recent research about improving puppy rearing. We incorporate new and/or better methods whenever new research or studies reveal room for improvement. As a fourth generation breeder, I've had the opportunity to develop tried and true methods that are unmatched but I am a lifelong learner and I will always strive to produce the best quality pups possible..

Our pups are raised in our home with daily socialization and exposure to sounds, smells and experiences common to most households. We follow the BadAss Breeders curriculum to raise our puppies as well as incorporate modified puppy culture methods and our best practices from decades of puppy rearing. Through a combination of the three we are confident our puppies leave our home knowing people are good and they are loved.


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